maandag 3 augustus 2009

Why it’s time to end the war on drugs
The crucial issue concerns the supply chain: the way prohibition has enriched and empowered gangsters, corrupt officials and indeed wholly corrupt narco-states across the planet. It was a point made ­eloquently by the Russian economist Lev Timofeev, when interviewed by Misha Glenny for his book about global organised crime, "McMafia".
­“Prohibiting a market does not mean destroying it,” ­Timofeev said. What it means is placing a “dynamically developing market under the total control of criminal corporations”. He called the present situation a threat to world civilisation, which international public opinion had failed to grasp."
The Financial Times, 31 juli 2009

De harde aanpak van wiettelers door politie en justitie raakt de georganiseerde misdaad achter de wietteelt nauwelijks. De politie ruimt veel illegale wietplantages, maar onderzoekt zelden wie eraan verdient.
NRC, dit weekend.