vrijdag 27 juni 2008

Pick it up!
It's the teacher, class is open G
Let's get open on the concept of votin, we
begin the discussion by viewin democracy
People power, a people ruled philosophy
Democracy is a system of government
Where the whole population is the sum of it
Where the goverment can't move without its people
Where before the law everybody's equal
But take a look at the police and how they treat you
Take a look at these corporations that cheat you
Democrats and Republicans are all see-through
Now we votin for the lesser of two evils
Man, don't let 'em deceive you
This is an autocracy, not a democracy
But to call this a democracy without mock interest
in the laws of society, that's called hypocrisy!

Get up! What we slowin down for? (Pick it up, 5x)
We got a whole nation to restore (Pick it up, 5x)
We gotta really love each other more (Pick it up, 5x)
When you see my CD in the store (Pick it up, 5x)

Pick it up - KRS One, van het album Maximum Strength 2008, een van de twee nieuwe KRS One-albums.