donderdag 16 november 2006

Request from the editors of Fringe Intelligence (e-zine)
We would appreciate your assistance as we have been approached for information on a possible Dutch involvement with CIA-Rendition.
Both the press and politicians in the Netherlands are silent about any involvement from Dutch agencies with the so-called CIA rendition flights. There have been some publications in the national press about the role of Amsterdam [Schiphol] and Rotterdam airports with the supposedly CIA-rendition flights. But that’s about it.

There has been one mysterious disappearance: the case of ‘The Syrian’. This alleged spiritual leader of the Dutch-based jihad terror cell ‘Hofstadgroup’ disappeared suddenly in 2005. Investigations by the Dutch press ended with mixed results. According to some reports he is in Syria in a prison, others state he is in Syria, but not a prisoner. The possibility of a kidnapping instead of a flight/disappearance has been whispered; more or less akin to the German Masri affair.

Should you be in possession of any Dutch links in your own information or research on CIA-Rendition and the logistics behind this [incl. CTIC's] we would appreciate your input.

Because of the nature of this we will guarantee your anonymity.

Jan van den Baard and Roger Vleugels (